Staging your brand
to reveal its essence


Alongside your marketing team, we help you implement your projects in retail design, visual merchandising, packaging and events management. We magnify your brand’s world and sublimate encounters between your creations and customers. As a project manager, we work on the phases of your choice, from design brief to implementation.


Whatever the format, from tiny cases and small-scale packaging to bigger spaces like shops, stands and stores-in-stores, the top creative talents that make up Visual Design Management listen attentively to your wishes and bring them to life. We give you the chance to view your projects in 3D modelling (window displays, set designs, furniture).


Whether breathing life into creative concepts or implementing proposals from your design office, Visual Design Management relies on a wide network of artisans and producers able to respect specifications of unitary products on scales ranging from small to medium and large.


Visual Design Management supports your projects from start to finish. Decorators and installers ensure that any type of project is carried out well: assembling stands, setting up points-of-sale, advertising, implementing set designs and decorating window displays.
We also offer design of set-up guidelines.


Retail Design

Display stands, window-display attractions, layout, set design.
Shops, department stores, retailers.


Our aim: to magnify encounters between your creations and customers.
From the tiniest settings likes cases, bespoke objects, bottles and packaging, to large backdrops such as sales-space layouts and displays. Our tailor-made designs bring out a brand’s essence and promotes its creations.


Trade fairs / Events

Trade fairs, Basel fair, Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, pop-up stores, exhibitions, stands. Dinner events, roadshows.


Trade fairs, Baselworld, Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, pop-up stores, exhibitions, stands, customer dinners and roadshows: new experiences and new aesthetics to tell new stories through a dedicated art direction and implementation followed to exacting standards.



Prototyping: small, medium and large scale.


Through our network of partners in Europe and Asia, we offer a comprehensive turnkey service, from production of your different installations to their implementation.
Responding to calls for tender, offering materials, producing prototypes, tracking production, performing quality controls, delivering and maintaining: Visual Design Management supports your projects in accordance with your needs.

Visual Design Management is a multi-disciplinary design agency that brings together top creative talents and a wide network of artisans and producers to magnify brands, products and expertise.

Its scope: the space where the public encounters a brand.

The Visual Design Management team reveals its talent at points-of-sale, where its creativity behind stands, bottles, packaging and window displays can be appreciated.

Ever curious and always looking for new worlds, the team does all it can to reveal the power and particularities of products in installations that are temporary but just as crucial, like layouts of stores-in-stores, preparation of client dinners or set designs for stands.

With a strategic approach, we support our customers at each stage – from design to production and application – without ever forgetting the constraints of time and budgeting.